Printer Specifications:

  • Consumable Type 4-Cartridge Ink System
  • Recommended Monthly Print Volume +/- 500 – 1000 Printed Pages
  • Operating Environment: Temperature 50-95° F
  • Droplet sizes as small as 1.5 picoliters
  • High resolutions up to 6000 x 1200

Warranty Question:
Will using compatible cartridges void or affect the warranty of my Brother printer?

No. Using compatible supplies will not void or affect your Brother printer warranty. You have the right to buy printer supplies from whomever you like. It does not have to be supplies only manufactured by Brother. Your printer warranty can only be voided if you do something outside of ordinary use that directly causes damage your printer.

Brother LC61 Ink Cartridge Specifications:

Replaces: Brother LC61
Also known as (a.k.a.): LC-61
Product Category: Inkjet Cartridges
Product Type: OEM & Compatible
Capacity: Black=14ml, Color=10ml
Ink Type: Dye Based
Compare to Retail: $19.49
Shelf Life: 1 year
Page Yield: Up to 450 pages for Black
Up to 325 pages for Color
Our Internal Part No: BR-LC61BK-C
Rating:  Ratings are based on each product's defective return rate. A defect rate of less than 1% is top rated at 4 stars.  Defect rates between 1% and 2% get a 3 star rating.  (We prefer not to carry anything less than 3 stars.) 4 out of 4 stars4 out of 4 stars4 out of 4 stars4 out of 4 stars